Why Foreign Education is Important

Throughout history, people have sought education abroad to advance their careers, enrich their communities, or improve worldnewshunt their lives. They have also sought education abroad as a way to better themselves as citizens of their own country. Not just the United States, but nations all over the world have participated in international education.

In the United States, about 20 percent of K-12 students are studying a foreign language. The highest participation rates are found in the District of Columbia and New Jersey. However, the vast amazinginfo majority of states have fewer than twenty-five percent of their students studying a foreign language. While Spanish is one of the most common languages studied in the U.S., a report on the subject looked at other languages.

The study of international thewebgross education has shown the benefits of studying abroad. For example, in countries that are in transition, study abroad can make a country stronger and more competitive. Similarly, it can help those countries that are not yet developed. While a study abroad program can be expensive, it can greatly improve one’s prospects after graduation.

Education is the great equalizer. We must give equal access to education to everyone. A woman who can read magazineweb360 and write well can earn up to ninety percent more than a man with a low level of literacy. Women who can be economically independent can play a more active role in the family. Additionally, women who can earn more money tend to invest more of their earnings back into their families. toonily Investments in education also help girls delay early marriage and parenthood. In sub-Saharan Africa, every additional year of fotolognews secondary education can reduce the rate of child marriage by sixty-four percent.

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