What Is The Role of A Divorce Attorney in Boston?

Divorce is a major decision to take for the two individuals involved and can take a huge on their mental and financial stability. Getting a divorce is not easy and is extremely time-consuming. Some cases can go on for years in the process before being finalized. 

People approach lawyers to make this tiresome process a little less stressful.

If you or your loved one wants a divorce and needs a lawyer to help go through the procedure, contact Boston high asset divorce attorney today. Here is some information on the role of a divorce attorney.

The role of a divorce attorney

When filing for a divorce, you can be at an advantage if you hire a divorce attorney to help you with the process. They are highly knowledgeable and skilled at what they do. These are some ways a divorce attorney can help you:

  • They can advocate for child support if you have a child and need a source to support your child. They can even fight for child custody.
  • They can negotiate offers on your behalf for settlements.
  • They can fix and prevent issues that may arise during the process of your divorce.
  • They can also negotiate with the other party’s attorney for a fair settlement.

These are some situations where a divorce attorney plays their role in helping you receive a fair outcome out of the process.

Some reasons for divorce under Massachusetts law

  • Adultery

Adultery is one of the grounds for divorce under the Massachusetts law. Adultery is a crime and is treated as such. Adultery refers to the act when an individual engages in consensual sexual intercourse with a person other than their spouse. The name of the third person involved in adultery with the spouse is usually hidden unless allowed by the court otherwise.

  • Inability to provide support

This talks about when a spouse who has the ability to provide support for their partner does not do so, and the act is cruel in nature, meaning the negligence is extreme to the point of the victim having no support for their basic living necessities or even food.

  • Abuse

Abuse is one of the most commonly allowed reasons for divorce in Boston. Abuse refers to intentional harm, either mental or physical, inflicted upon a spouse by the other. If the court finds that the injury or harm caused to the individual has significantly put their life in danger, they may allow the divorce process to begin.

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