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Law & Order has been on television for over 20 years and will continue to do so for another decade, with the renewal of SVU in March. It is the longest-running live-action series in US television history. In addition to SVU, NBC has also renewed its crime-themed series Criminal Intent, which delves into the deeper motives of criminals. This series follows the work of the Major Case Squad, and often involves cases involving high-profile individuals. Many episodes also end in a confession of guilt by the criminal, although not always the persecutor.

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The Law & Order franchise is a television show series based on real-life criminal cases. It was created by Dick Wolf and produced by Wolf Entertainment, and has aired over one thousand episodes. The show has spawned several spin-offs, and a revival of Law & Order (1990) is under discussion at NBC. There are many ways to watch the show, whether you want to watch reruns or new episodes.

The show was also popular in the United Kingdom. While it did not share the same history as Law & Order, the show’s characters were often a part of the same universe. For instance, many L&O characters were also featured in NYU. The show also had a crossover with the crime-focused TV series Chicago P.D. Another successful spin-off was Chicago Fire, which originated in Wolf’s production company for NBC. Other Chicago-based shows include Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Justice, which is part of the Wolf production company.

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