The History of the Department of Education

The Department of Education was established in 1978. The bill was sponsored by the Carter administration. It passed the Senate and the House of Representatives, but was held up in the Government Operations Committee due to a coalition of Republicans led by John Erlenborn. The bill did not advance from committee because it did not receive the support it needed. As the department’s name suggests, it was a government agency that administers education. manytoons

Andrew Johnson created the first Department manytoon of Education in 1867, with the mission of collecting information on schools. The office was small and was housed within different agencies, resulting in a diluted department that was viewed by many as overstepping its authority. However, it continued to grow in stature and has evolved into what it is today. Despite its relatively moviesverse short history, the ED’s primary function is the coordination of education policies, disseminating sound education information to state and local authorities, and enforcing federal education laws. rexdlcom

The Department of Education was originally a small bureau in the Department of Interior. It was quickly upgraded to an office, and the federal government considered it a minor bureau in the Department of Interior. In 1939, the Department of Education was transferred to starmusiq the Federal Security Agency, and in 1953, it was upgraded to Cabinet status. Today, the Department of Education is a major part of our nation’s educational system. With its many benefits, education is one of the most important areas of government acmarketnet

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