How Long Is Residency For Doctors?

Depending on the specialty you’d like to practice, residency programs may last anywhere from three to seven years. During the residency, students will learn broad medical knowledge and clinical skills, as well as gain supervised experience in practicing medicine in many fields. During the fellowship, students will focus their training on a particular branch of medicine. Depending on the specialty and program, residency programs may last anywhere from three to seven years. The year of training typically begins in late June or early July.

A residency is an in-depth training program for doctors. This is usually completed in a hospital or clinic, and is essential for a doctor to learn their specialty. While completing residency, doctors in training develop skills in laboratory work, medical procedures, quality control, and self-care. During the first year of residency, they are known as interns, and in the second year, they become residents. Some specialties require longer training than others. After completing the residency, physicians may pursue fellowship training, which can last for one to three years.

Residency training varies by specialty, but all residency programs include graduated levels of responsibility. Residents will assume more responsibility, and attendings will be happy to have more hands-on help. During residency, residents will assume supervisory roles, and they will often be expected to teach junior residents. Resident duties increase significantly as they become more experienced, and residents will need to delegate more to their mentor. A residency is also a great way to gain experience.

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